LEADER PUMPS is an innovative company in a world on the move. A Company made up of highly motivated, young, market-oriented professionals whose strategy is to achieve a leadership position in the domestic portable pump market.  King Pumps is a carefully selected Leader Pumps distributor who can best provide customer support and quality Leader pumps at competitive prices.

The Leader Ecosub Pumps are safe, reliable and high quality submersible pumps useful for drainage, flood prevention, waterfall, and irrigation. The Leader Ecojet Pumps are easy-priming jet pumps for domestic water applications and gardening. The Leader Ecojet Pumps come for manual operation LESS automatic control and include a 16 foot power cord. The Leader Ecodiver multipurpose pressure pumps are used in wells, cisterns, lakes, and other places for dewatering and irrigation. The Leader Ecodiver Pumps can develop pressures up to 64 PSI. The Leader Ecomatic systems are traditional booster sets for supplying water for domestic applications. The Leader Ecomatic systems are designed to automatically start and stop the pump when taps are opened or closed.  All pumps are made from non-corrosive and rust proof materials.



Leader Ecosub Submersible Sump Pumps

Leader Jet Pump Ecojet 130

Leader High Pressure Dewatering Pump Ecodiver 1200

Leader Hydro-pneumatic System Ecomatic 110

Leader Self-Priming Multi-Stage Pump Inoxplus 250


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Leader Pumps
Leader Pumps Group was set up in Tuscany, Italy in 1991 to manufacture electrical water pumps for domestic applications. The factory headquarter is in Bientina where the activities and strategies of the group are managed. There are two production plants, one in Bientina and one in Trasaghis (Udine - Northern Italy). The factory heaquarters in the United States is based in South Carolina. Today Leader Pumps Group is one of the major water pump manufacturers worldwide.

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