Water Pumps By Leader Pumps

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Leader Submersible Sump Pump

The Leader Ecosubs are safe, reliable and high quality submersible pumps useful for drainage, flood prevention, waterfall, and irrigation. They are manufactured with non-corrosive and rust proof metals.

Leader Hydro-pneumatic System

Leader Water Pumps ECOMATIC-110 1/2 HP, 10 GPM, 115/1/60 mounted on a 6.3  pressure tank. Traditional hydro-pneumatic system designed to  automatically start and stop the pump when taps are opened or closed.  For domestic water applications and gardening.  

Leader Self-Priming Multi-Stage Pump

Leader Self-priming multi-stage pump 1 HP 26 GPM Inoxplus 250 is ideal  for supplying water for domestic and irrigation applications. High  resistance to freezing temperatures, equipped with 6 foot power cord and  plug, low noise and high pressure performance with 5" impeller.